Craft Recipes

Craft Recipes

  1. American Burleywine (8.5 Litres)

    American Burleywine (8.5 Litres)

    Looking for a beer to share with Gran’? This is not that beer. Bold, bras
  2. Defibrillator (8.5 Litres)

    Defibrillator (8.5 Litres)

    Be warned, this beer is seriously dark. Good for sipping on a cold night, a
  3. Hop Head Red (8.5 Litres)

    Hop Head Red (8.5 Litres)

    The flavour of this beer is intense, like the red glow of a morning sunrise
  4. Pumpkin Rising (8.5 Litres)

    Pumpkin Rising (8.5 Litres)

    Good gourd! This beer has a real Pumpkin Pie flavours and aroma. The carame
  5. Spiced Winter Ale (8.5 Litres)

    Spiced Winter Ale (8.5 Litres)

    Warm yourself up on a cold night with this special brew! The perfect blend
  6. The Voodoo That You Can Do (8.5 Litres)

    The Voodoo That You Can Do (8.5 Litres)

    I was mighty blue, thought my batch was all through, till the fridge doors
  7. Tiger Eye Amber Ale (8.5)

    Tiger Eye Amber Ale (8.5)

    A gem of a brew, displaying similar luxurious colours of the rock with the
  8. Abbey Dubbel

    Abbey Dubbel

    Most of us enjoy drinking Belgian Beer but if you make it yourself you may